Credit Letters

Credit Payoff Letter


Mr. Ross. A Velvett,

#22, Milton Keynes,


London, MK10

Date : 14th November 2012

Subject : Credit payoff  letter intimation

Dear Mr. Ross,

We are writing this letter in furtherance of our earlier letter asking you to make the payment of outstanding credit enjoyed by you in our bank. Please recollect that in response to your request for credit we instantly offered you credit from our back at the lowest possible rate.

It was on account of your financial credibility and past records that we extended this credit facility to you. But unfortunately ever since we have given this credit you have been a regular defaulter with the payments. Even after repeated reminders you have not paid any amount towards the outstanding amount. On account of your default and repeated levy of interest the credit offered by us in your account has multiplied thrice.

While we will be able to wave off the interest part levied in your credit account you will be bound to pay the actual credit availed from our bank. We hereby give you a final warning to payoff the credit in total within 14 days of receipt of this letter or face legal action from the bank.

You are free to have a discussion with executives of our credit recovery department for knowing the credit outstanding and any other information you want to know.

Yours Truly,

Norma Lewis

Bank Manager.

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