Professional Letters

Professional Appointment Letter


Mr. Margret Stephen

CEO, Stephen Group of Companies

F-3, third floor

Chester, Cheshire

5 May, 2012

Subject: professional appointment letter

Dear Mr. Stephen

We are looking for an appointment with someone from the purchase department to showcase the range of products we are offering. We are the manufacturers of various parts and materials which are used in the manufacturing of electronic goods. As your company is one of the biggest brands in the industry, we are looking for the opportunity to get associated with your organization.

Our sales head will be available on 8th of May, so if you can arrange an appointment with the concerned representative from your company, than that will give us the opportunity to give all the required details about our products. Please do let us know if we can fix this appointment along with the other necessary details.

We wish to have a long term alliance with your esteemed organization.

Thanking you

Ronald K. Philip

Professional Letters

Professional Reference Letter


Andrew Bush,

California 76990


George Woods,

California 75580

Dear Madam,

I, Andrew Bush, would like to give a professional reference for your workforce requirement.  The name of the person is Shane Lee, who is residing in California County Colony.  He is really a dedicated and down-to-earth person while completing any task or targets.  I know him since my second work place and, at that moment, he should the signs of intelligence during delivering his entire duty.  I would not mind if you provide him with a post having target driven package.  This is because he has been trained in that work culture that he enjoys most now a days.

Keeping in view of your requirements every now and then, I surely will help you out in a professional manner if there is any other requirement coming up for these type of work.

At last, I would be glad to receive your response while having a meeting with the above-said person.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Bush

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Professional Letters

Summary Professional Letter


Andrew Thomas,

Special Dry Fruit Wholesalers,

New York 565569


Lenny Tank,

Spice Drink Co.,

New York 577882

Dear Madam,

As we had a discussion personally on Wednesday, 23rd February, 2011, regarding the execution of contract with your company.  In summary, there have been no issues with us on the terms you described and on the price list you agreed on.  We wish to start our new relationship with your company as soon as possible.  Do provide us the exact time we can finalize the date of execution and have a formal agreement to make it legal.  Our team is well prepared to get your order processed.  All necessary paper work has been made on our side and requires only your signature to make them valid.

We hope that you will make sure that every possible things are ready by which we are going to execute the first order.  Our team is delighted to bring you as our new client with total dedication and efforts that new standards can be established.

Yours Truly,

Andrew Thomas

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Professional Letters

Professional Letter Example


Jack Peanut,

All Cuisine Caterers Pvt. Ltd.,

Oriental Colony Park, 22nd Ball Avenue,

New Jersey 05434


George Mathew,

Hammers Group Companies,

3rd Floor, B2 Wing, Wilson Park,

New Jersey 04467

Dear Mr. George,

It is to inform you that our company is working as professional caterers for the past 5 years and wish to work on behalf of you at this great moment.  We deliver almost all the cuisines familiar here in our country.  If there is any requirement of any kind of special cuisine, we would certainly bring it to reality provided we are given enough time to do it.  We deliver our breakfast and lunch on time to every client irrespective of their location.  There have been no major complaints regarding any type of disagreement about taste, quality, delivery time, etc.

At request, we will provide your company a discounted price list.  There will be no increase in price of cuisines/dishes if any of our ingredients’ cost skyrocket during non-seasonal times, but up to a certain time limit.

We would like to have your opinion in this matter with our manager who is named John Bright, Business Development Department.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Peanut

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Professional Letters

Professional Letters

Document Professional Letter


Andy Smith,

Professional Parcel & Courier Services,

New Jersey 09930


Erika Hell,

American Builders Association,

Times Park,

New Jersey 03342

Dear Madam,

I am, Andy Smith, from Professional Parcel & Courier Services providing professional document services to every counties of New Jersey.  We would like to get your account so as to relieve your pressure about safe document delivery in time and to grow our business with you.  We have dedicated call center for any grievances arising out of any transaction between us.  Though, on record, there have been no major grievances faced by our clients regarding any delay, missing of documents, etc.

We are going to provide you a service wherein you will get our executive reach at office within 30 minutes of a phone call, no matter where you are in New Jersey.  This is not a tall claim considering that we have been following this since past 5 years now.

Any details required by you on any of our services or issues, our executives are going to greatly entertain in a timely fashion.

Yours Sincerely,

Andy Smith

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Professional Letters

Professional Services Proposal Letter


Tony Wallace,

High-End Party Organizers,

New York 548876


Elena Tipsy,

Augustine Investment Bankers,

30A All-Park Avenue,

New York 528892

Dear Madam,

I am, Tony Wallace, from High-End Party Organizers having professional service experience of organizing party events in corporate world.  I would be delighted that if we can organize any of your upcoming parties or events happening at your places or the place you would prefer to get it organized.  Certainly, you need not to worry about the quality of the event which we are going to handle on your behalf.  Just to make assure of that fact, we have successfully organized mega events like Miss Corporate Pageant of America, Corporate Excellence Awards, etc.

There have been instances where we have been associated with other organizers to provide one of it kinds in lifetime of a corporate world.  We do not charge in advance for any extra services you might render during that event or party.  There is no doubt about completion of party in time since we have separate departments handling each and every thing.

I am looking ahead to your reply as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Tony Wallace

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Professional Letters

Greeting Cards Professional Invitation Letter


Mena Henchman,

Oval House, 10th Sparkle Avenue,

Wisconsin 55566


Erika Augustin,

33rd Floor, Times Height Apt.,

Wisconsin 59988

Dear Erika,

I let you know, at this time, it is so nice to feel about your prosperity being given another tool of achievement.  I came to know that you are being promoted as a Manager in your company for your effortful results within a stipulated timeframe.  I wish I could have been there at place where you got this great news.  It is so nice to hear that one of our fast friends got such kind of achievement though we only thought to ourselves that you might not be in a position to achieve those things given your ability constraint.  You truly deserve that in every possible manner.

I wish to know when you are going to have enough time for our friends to get organize a party for you.  Please let us know if there is any preference on your side for any kind of place you would like to have this happen.

Yours Lovingly,

Mena Henchman

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Professional Letters

Construction Project Guarantee

July 1, 2010

City of West Waterford

Community Development Department

Engineering Branch

1310 New Capital Avenue

Edinburgh UK

Subject: Letter of Credit ­ Jillson Bros. Construction Inc.

Project A­045­595 ­ Upgrade/Repave Parking Lot

To Whom It May Concern

Please be advised that we have placed a hold on the line of credit of Jackson Brothers Construction Inc. in the amount of $550,000 for the benefit of the City of West Waterford for the work related to the captioned public improvement project.

This hold is effective July 1, 2010 and will remain in effect until the work is completed and approved by the City of West Waterford. Chamber of Commerce Bank will secure said funds as a guarantee to the City of West Waterford for completion of the captioned public improvements in accordance with City permits.

Funds guaranteed by said line of credit will only be restored to Jillson Brothers Construction Inc. after Chamber of Commerce Bank has received written confirmation from the Director of Community Development of the City of West Waterford that said improvements have been satisfactorily completed in accordance with the approved construction permit.

Chamber of Commerce Bank agrees to disperse funds from the line of credit to the City of West Waterford upon written demand of the Director of Community Development, accompanied by the statement that conditions of the construction permit have been violated.

This is an irrevocable commitment of funds which is not subject to recall by Jillson Brothers Construction Inc.



John Livingstone

Corporate Credit Department

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Professional Letters

Professional Letter Layout

Sample Professional Letter Layout

When it comes to the layout of a professional letter, the whole set up is divided into parts. When you start to pen down the letter, make sure that the layout is followed in the right order. The formal letters like the professional letter has to be written in a format or else for the purpose that you writing the letter, it might not reach out to the reader in the right way.

The following points describe the layout of a professional letter.

Your name

Your address (city, state, zip code)

Contact number

Email address


Recipient’s Name


Contact number

Dear Mr. or Ms. (Last Name):

Body of the letter

The body of the letter is divided into three paragraphs. The first one however is where you introduce yourself to the reader and present the purpose of your letter. The light is poured on the purpose in the second paragraph; the purpose is elaborated in the second paragraph: you state the reasons and what you expect out of it. The last paragraph is more like thanking the reader for checking up on your letter. Use pleasant words, good tone and simple form of English.

Yours sincerely



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Professional Letters

Professional cover letter template

Sample Professional cover letter template



City, State, Zip

Contact No.

Email ID


Recipient’s Name

Company’s Name

City, State, Zip

Phone Number

Dear Mr. or Ms.:

Body of the letter

Make sure that the Body of the Letter is paid enough importance to. The body of the letter is what describes the purpose behind writing the professional letter. This way you can express your reason and queries. You should be certain that the language and tone is decent and simple. Anything fancy that does not relate to the actual purpose of the letter might change the whole set up. The body is divided into the minimum three paragraphs. However, the number of paragraphs could be more than three as well.

Make sure the content in your letter is elaborate only when it is required. If there are loads of information to be mentioned into the letter, make sure you present it well. Bullet points can be chosen as one of the options.

Yours Sincerely



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