Professional Letters

Professional Letters

Professional letters are written formally to validate a communication pattern between the parties involved in a professional relationship. Volumes of information and messages are exchanged through it that facilitates the functioning of the various departments within an organization with or without contretemps. It creates and closes a profound business transaction between two professionals. Thus it is an extremely viable document as far as initiation, processing and cessation of a business deal is concerned.

The main body of the letter should ideally be divided into three parts with a proper introduction, explanation and conclusion. The format should strictly be modelled on the business letter form with due emphasis given to the location of the address, subject, reference, name of the addressee, paragraphs, date and name of the sender. The word limit should be kept between 120 and 150 preferably. Formal words and phrases like “respected sir/madam”, “yours sincerely/faithfully” should be used perceptively in the correct places.

The guidelines for writing professional letters are given below in brief:

  • It must not sound overbearing or pretentious.
  • The objective of the letter must be comprehensible and refined in expression.
  • The writer must give his full signature.
  • There must be no error in information stated.

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Professional Letters

Professional Leave Letter


Mr. Richard Jenney

Head HR, Kent Industries Ltd

A-13, seventh floor

Cantbury, Kent

15 April 2012

Subject: professional leave letter

Dear Mr. Jenney

I am looking for a leave of absence from my duties from 20th April 2012 to 30th April 2012 This will be a 10 days of leave which I need for my abdominal surgery. I have recently been suffering from abdominal pain and my doctor has suggested me to go for a surgery, as they have found a stone in my liver. I will have to travel to another city to get this treatment done as the necessary equipments and instruments are not available in our city. The entire treatment along with complete recovery needs more than a weeks’ time.

Thus I request you to give me professional leave for 10 days, so that I can come back to the work in full health after recovering from this ailment.

Thanking you

Paul Stanley Richardson

Professional Letters

Professional Inquiry Letter


Ms. Kelley Jones

Marketing Head, Ashington Merchandisers Inc

D-2, sixth floor

Ashington, North Umber land

5 April 2012

Subject: professional inquiry letter

Dear Mr. Jones

We have a showroom for women antique jewellery and other accessories. We have recently come about the advertisement of your products in a local newspaper. Thus we would like to inquire more about your products? Can you send us the catalogue of your products along with their prices and other details? We would also appreciate if you can send some more details about Your Company along with the information about your product range.

Please do let us know about the list of the documents we will need to start the business relationship with you. You can get in touch with our purchase department to solve any other query/issue.

We wish to get your positive response to get started on this venture.

Thanking you

Richard Jerry

Head Purchase Department

Awesome Antique Jewellery.

Professional Letters

Professional Appreciation Letter


Mr. Jarvis Richardson

Marketing Manager, Liverpool Group of Companies

B-2, second floor

Liverpool, Merseyside,

5 April 2011

Subject: professional appreciation letter

Dear Mr. Richardson,

We appreciate your great performance in the launch of our new software product. You have worked really hard with your team to make this product a great success. The brochure and the website prepared for the product is extraordinary. The market campaign and promotional activities designed by you captured the mind of the customers. We believe that this product will add a lot of value in our financial figures.

The management and the team sincerely thank you for all the efforts you have put in for your work. You have presented great examples for others to perform well. The technical team is also amazed at your performance, and would like to thank you.

We wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.

Thanking you

Paul Jenner

Marketing & HR Head

Professional Letters

Professional Experience Letter


Mr. Jones Paul

HR Head, Waltham Group of Companies

D-2, fifth floor

Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire

12 January 2012

Subject: professional experience letter

Dear Mr. Paul

Please accept my recommendation for Paul Smith. He has a total experience of 2 years in administration. He was employed with our organization from 2008 to 2010. He is a hard working, skilled and result oriented candidate and during his tenure with our company he did excellent work and even received couple of awards for his performances as well.

His 2 years of core administration experience has given him good knowledge to pursue his career in administration. He is leaving our organization due to relocation, and we are losing a great employee due to that reason. His relevant experience will definitely add great value to your organization.

Please feel free to contact us in case you require any further information regarding the same.

Thanking you

Peter Jacob

ABC Group of Industries.

Professional Letters

Professional Sponsorship Letter


Mr. Andrew. S. Nathan

CEO, Nathan Group of Institutions

C-6, second floor

Downfield, Derbyshire

2 June 2012

Subject: professional sponsorship letter

Dear Mr. Nathan

I am pleased to introduce myself as a student of social studies from Southwest Modern University. My name is Peter Henderson and I am writing this letter to avail professional sponsorship to attend the social meet held in Europe by a social service organization. I have been selected to become a part of this social meet which will give me a chance to learn more about social studies and its impact on the society. In this fifteen days program I will have the opportunity to meet people from different cultural backgrounds.

I am requesting you to sponsor me for this program so that I can learn and understand more about social work and its practical aspects. I have enclosed the contribution form along with this letter.

Your contribution will help me in my endeavours.

Thanking you

Peter Henderson


Professional Letters

Professional Sympathy Letter


Mr. William Andrew

CEO, Andrew Manufacturing Inc.

D-11, Fourth floor

Manchester, Great Manchester

14 July, 2012

Dear Mr. Andrew

We are deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your dear brother and business partner Mr. Peter Andrew. Please accept our sincere condolences for the loss. We know it would be very difficult for you to face this time but you are always there in our thoughts and prayers. Your brother was the one you relied for all your business needs thus his untimely departure will for sure make you feel lonely, and his loss cannot be filled by anyone.

I had couple of time played snooker with him and he was an excellent player and a master of the game. We suggest you to gather all your courage and support your family with all your strength.

We wish that may god bless you and your family in this tough time and always.

Thanking you

Elizabeth Philip

Professional Letters

Professional Decline Letter


Mr. John Peter

CEO, Peter Group of Companies & Electronics Ltd

C-1, First floor

Nottingham, North Humberside

14 January, 2012

Subject: professional decline letter

Dear Mr. Peter

We thank you for your proposal letter for supplying the electronic parts to our company. We believe that you are doing good work in the industry and we have also heard a lot about the quality of your products from the market. But at this point of time we might not be in a state to work with you or buy any product from you. We are sending this declining letter as we already have a contract with Beehive electronics Ltd for 5 years. We have a good relationship with that company and also breaking that contract will bring us financial and legal obligations.

Thus we will not be able to work with you at this moment, but we have kept your catalogue carefully and will get in touch with you as and when the need arises.

Thanking you

Elizabeth Clayton

ABC Electronics Limited.

Professional Letters

Business Professional Letter


Mr. Steven Paul

CEO, Paul Group of Companies & Electronics Ltd

H-1, Fifth floor

Guildford, Surrey

4 January, 2012

Subject: business professional letter

Dear Mr. Paul

We are a company manufacturing small electronics parts used in the electronics items. We are in the industry for last 15 years. Our manufacturing unit is located in our city itself and we have been working for some of the very big companies in this industry. We have the best technology and excellent manpower to create high quality of products.

We wish to get associated to your well renowned organization. Thus we are sending you the catalogue along with this letter which will give you all the necessary details about our products. Please feel free to contact us in case you need any other information from our end.

We wish to have a long lasting relationship with your company to produce high class electronic accessories.

Thanking you

Peter Thomas

ABC Parts Limited.

Professional Letters

Professional Termination Letter


Mr. Jean Thomas

Sales Executive, Glasgow Group of companies

H-3, Fourth floor

North Glasgow

15 May, 2012

Subject: professional termination letter

Dear Mr. Thomas

We had already informed you about all the terms and condition of our organization on many occasions. We have a very strict policy where in we keep our customers always on the top priority. We had already informed you that we do not bear more than 5 complaints from the customers regarding our representatives within 60 days of the period.

We have received many complaints about your performance from our customers and we had also sent a written warning regarding the same. As you did not pay any attention to those warnings we are terminating your services from our company. Please return all the belongings of the company within 15 days and collect all your dues.

We will keep the details of this termination confidential. We wish you best luck for your future endeavours.

Thanking you

Philip. G. Robert

Human Resource Department

Glasgow Group of companies