Professional Letters

Professional Termination Letter


Mr. Jean Thomas

Sales Executive, Glasgow Group of companies

H-3, Fourth floor

North Glasgow

15 May, 2012

Subject: professional termination letter

Dear Mr. Thomas

We had already informed you about all the terms and condition of our organization on many occasions. We have a very strict policy where in we keep our customers always on the top priority. We had already informed you that we do not bear more than 5 complaints from the customers regarding our representatives within 60 days of the period.

We have received many complaints about your performance from our customers and we had also sent a written warning regarding the same. As you did not pay any attention to those warnings we are terminating your services from our company. Please return all the belongings of the company within 15 days and collect all your dues.

We will keep the details of this termination confidential. We wish you best luck for your future endeavours.

Thanking you

Philip. G. Robert

Human Resource Department

Glasgow Group of companies

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