Professional Letters

Professional Leave Letter


Mr. Richard Jenney

Head HR, Kent Industries Ltd

A-13, seventh floor

Cantbury, Kent

15 April 2012

Subject: professional leave letter

Dear Mr. Jenney

I am looking for a leave of absence from my duties from 20th April 2012 to 30th April 2012 This will be a 10 days of leave which I need for my abdominal surgery. I have recently been suffering from abdominal pain and my doctor has suggested me to go for a surgery, as they have found a stone in my liver. I will have to travel to another city to get this treatment done as the necessary equipments and instruments are not available in our city. The entire treatment along with complete recovery needs more than a weeks’ time.

Thus I request you to give me professional leave for 10 days, so that I can come back to the work in full health after recovering from this ailment.

Thanking you

Paul Stanley Richardson

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