Professional Letters

Professional Decline Letter


Mr. John Peter

CEO, Peter Group of Companies & Electronics Ltd

C-1, First floor

Nottingham, North Humberside

14 January, 2012

Subject: professional decline letter

Dear Mr. Peter

We thank you for your proposal letter for supplying the electronic parts to our company. We believe that you are doing good work in the industry and we have also heard a lot about the quality of your products from the market. But at this point of time we might not be in a state to work with you or buy any product from you. We are sending this declining letter as we already have a contract with Beehive electronics Ltd for 5 years. We have a good relationship with that company and also breaking that contract will bring us financial and legal obligations.

Thus we will not be able to work with you at this moment, but we have kept your catalogue carefully and will get in touch with you as and when the need arises.

Thanking you

Elizabeth Clayton

ABC Electronics Limited.

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