Professional Letters

Summary Professional Letter


Andrew Thomas,

Special Dry Fruit Wholesalers,

New York 565569


Lenny Tank,

Spice Drink Co.,

New York 577882

Dear Madam,

As we had a discussion personally on Wednesday, 23rd February, 2011, regarding the execution of contract with your company.  In summary, there have been no issues with us on the terms you described and on the price list you agreed on.  We wish to start our new relationship with your company as soon as possible.  Do provide us the exact time we can finalize the date of execution and have a formal agreement to make it legal.  Our team is well prepared to get your order processed.  All necessary paper work has been made on our side and requires only your signature to make them valid.

We hope that you will make sure that every possible things are ready by which we are going to execute the first order.  Our team is delighted to bring you as our new client with total dedication and efforts that new standards can be established.

Yours Truly,

Andrew Thomas

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