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Jack Peanut,

All Cuisine Caterers Pvt. Ltd.,

Oriental Colony Park, 22nd Ball Avenue,

New Jersey 05434


George Mathew,

Hammers Group Companies,

3rd Floor, B2 Wing, Wilson Park,

New Jersey 04467

Dear Mr. George,

It is to inform you that our company is working as professional caterers for the past 5 years and wish to work on behalf of you at this great moment.  We deliver almost all the cuisines familiar here in our country.  If there is any requirement of any kind of special cuisine, we would certainly bring it to reality provided we are given enough time to do it.  We deliver our breakfast and lunch on time to every client irrespective of their location.  There have been no major complaints regarding any type of disagreement about taste, quality, delivery time, etc.

At request, we will provide your company a discounted price list.  There will be no increase in price of cuisines/dishes if any of our ingredients’ cost skyrocket during non-seasonal times, but up to a certain time limit.

We would like to have your opinion in this matter with our manager who is named John Bright, Business Development Department.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Peanut

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Professional Letters

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