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When it comes to the layout of a professional letter, the whole set up is divided into parts. When you start to pen down the letter, make sure that the layout is followed in the right order. The formal letters like the professional letter has to be written in a format or else for the purpose that you writing the letter, it might not reach out to the reader in the right way.

The following points describe the layout of a professional letter.

Your name

Your address (city, state, zip code)

Contact number

Email address


Recipient’s Name


Contact number

Dear Mr. or Ms. (Last Name):

Body of the letter

The body of the letter is divided into three paragraphs. The first one however is where you introduce yourself to the reader and present the purpose of your letter. The light is poured on the purpose in the second paragraph; the purpose is elaborated in the second paragraph: you state the reasons and what you expect out of it. The last paragraph is more like thanking the reader for checking up on your letter. Use pleasant words, good tone and simple form of English.

Yours sincerely



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