Employment Letters

Sample Employment Letter

Sample Sample Employment Letter


KLM Company,

Kovalam Road, 36 Lark Street


Dear Mr. Rex Thomas

We are happy to inform you that our company would like to employ you for the post of General Manager. You will have to report directly to Mr. Sam, the Director in charge, on the day you are beginning to work with us i.e., 1 May 2010. Your salary will be $1000(Thousand Dollars) per month. You will be covered with all the standard benefits and the fringe benefits. The details of which will be explained to you soon. For your first year break, the time will be pro-rated; hence, you will be permitted 20 days leave for this year. If you agree on these terms and conditions, please sign all the enclosed copies and return our files.

We are looking forward to your joining of our company soon.

Yours very truly,

Mr. Mathew,

H.R. Manager

KLM Company

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