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Employment Letter Example

Sample Employment Letter Example

24- April-2010

Mr. Karl Lawrence

ABC Recruiting Agency,
15- Godoth Street,

Lake View,


To whom so ever it may concern:

I request you to accept this letter as a confirmation that Mr. Mathew has been an employee with ABC Recruiting Agency since 10 January-2008. At present, Mr. Mathew is the Manager and earns a salary of $700(Seven hundred dollars) plus a bonus of $500. He works on a full time basis. He is very good at his service. He is sincere in his duty and is courteous to all his colleagues at work. He has a pleasing personality and is very sincere in his work.

Incase you have any kind of queries regarding this matter you may anytime feel free to contact me on 300000899. I will be pleased to help you with all your doubts.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Karl Lawrence,

H.R manager,

ABC Recruiting Agency.
Phone #: 30000000899

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