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Greeting Cards Professional Invitation Letter


Mena Henchman,

Oval House, 10th Sparkle Avenue,

Wisconsin 55566


Erika Augustin,

33rd Floor, Times Height Apt.,

Wisconsin 59988

Dear Erika,

I let you know, at this time, it is so nice to feel about your prosperity being given another tool of achievement.  I came to know that you are being promoted as a Manager in your company for your effortful results within a stipulated timeframe.  I wish I could have been there at place where you got this great news.  It is so nice to hear that one of our fast friends got such kind of achievement though we only thought to ourselves that you might not be in a position to achieve those things given your ability constraint.  You truly deserve that in every possible manner.

I wish to know when you are going to have enough time for our friends to get organize a party for you.  Please let us know if there is any preference on your side for any kind of place you would like to have this happen.

Yours Lovingly,

Mena Henchman

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