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Maria Kenneth,

Julia Associates,

Wisconsin 52992


Paul Henderson,

Julia Associates,

Wisconsin 52992

Dear Mr. Paul,

It is to inform you that M/s. Office Stationary Pvt. Ltd. has approached us for providing yearly requirements of office stationary at a reasonable and discounted price list.  I would hereby wish to get your permission to go ahead and take the necessary communication with them.  Well, I have personally gone through each one of the items and found that it is very much reasonable.  The other major point which is in our favor is that the delivery time is very much less than usually taken by us at any given point of time.

It would be nice if you could provide me some kind of inputs wherein we can also deal for our other branches in Wisconsin.  If there is any plan wherein we can contract them all together, please let me know.  They are going to get in touch with us by Monday, next week.  So, any possible issues arising out of this can be reasonably dealt before it.

Yours Truly,

Maria Kenneth

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