Office Letters

Last Day Office Letter


Jackson Walter,

Building Materials Trading Co.,

Wisconsin 56882


Thomas Elvira,

Building Materials Trading Co.,

Wisconsin 56882

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I am glad to inform you that I have had a great time working for your company since long many years now.  There have been wonderful days, weeks, months, and years where I have found many times my credentials respected, honored, and nurtured.  This is almost with every one of my colleagues too.  Since I am moving out of my hometown to another place, which is very far from it, I would not be comfortable to continue joining here.  Today is my last day according to my resignation dated April 25, 2008

I would certainly miss your company and its work culture that has given me strong believe that nothing is impossible and can be achieved with sheer dedication and total efforts in right direction.  I would certainly want to spend a great time with my colleagues and you, who are awaiting me for the send-off ceremony.   I wish to get in touch with you as often as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Jackson Walter

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