Condolence Letters

Condolence Letters

Condolence letters can be the toughest letters to write, but that should not hold you back from writing them.  In situations that demand it, it is particularly important to do so.  They are a way of paying your respect to the deceased and offer words of solace and comfort to the bereaved family.

Acknowledge the bereft family’s loss without underplaying it.  Only those who have lost their loved ones know what it is like.  It is important to maintain the delicate balance between showing your sympathy and offering them courage to handle the situation.

Begin your letter by offering condolences.  You can mention the special qualities you admired in the deceased.  If possible, recount one or two memorable incidents from the past.  Tell them how much the loss of the person has meant to you.  You can also offer them your help and support in their hour of grief.  Do not indulge in maudlin statements.

It is best to keep the condolence letters short, as a family in bereavement may not have the emotional strength to go through elaborate letters.

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John Mayo

High housing Towers

21 Regina High Square

Universal Land, Los Angeles 7900

Dated: 12th of March 2012

Dear John,

Please accept my deepest condolences for the demise of your younger brother, Jim Mayo on 4th of March 2012. I understand that the death was untimely and an unfortunate one to happen at such a  young age.

Your brother Jim has always been a close friend of mine. He would help me and his other friends in all aspects of life. He was known as an all rounder in his college as has excelled in both academics as well as sports.  As a human being he was very humble and down to earth.  I and all his other friends are shocked to hear the news of his death.

I understand that a brother is a very important part of our life, and in these tough times, I can only say that please have strength and take care of your family. May his soul rest in peace.


Neil Lone

Condolence Letters

Emotional Condolence Letter


Mr. Andrew Flynn

South Square

Lane 5, North River Street, Lancashire,

United Kingdom

Date: 7th June 2011

Dear Andrew,

This might not be the right hour to bother you but I could not hold myself when I came to know about the sad demise of your father on last Monday.

I consider myself to be unfortunate enough for not being by your side physically right at this sad moment of your crisis.

In fact, my words are falling short for the grief stricken emotions I endure for you and your family members. However, death is an inevitable circumstance on someone’s life which teaches us to live without our most dear person. Hope, you and your family become strong enough to face this difficult phase of life and overcome it gradually.

My heartfelt solace and support are always with you and your bereaved family. I will come to meet you as soon as I come back to town.

Yours well-wisher

Jenifer Mathew

Condolence Letters

Condolence Letter Death


Sam Rock Well

East Side Apartments

23 Mountain High Road

Florida, New Jersey 8766

Dated: 23rd of February 2012

Dear Mr. Well,

I am very sad after getting the news about the death of your grandfather on 22nd of January 2012. I am shocked to hear that he passed away due to a cardiac arrest compared to the healthy lifestyle he had.

I believe that you must be in a state of shock after his demise as he was very close to you. I have always seen him leading a healthy lifestyle. He never had any bad habit and used to exercise regularly. So it is strange that a healthy person like him had a cardiac arrest. He was always very cheerful and full of life.

I understand that it is a difficult time that you are going through but you have to be strong and take care of your family. In case if you need any help please do let me.

With sympathy,

Terry Rogers


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Condolence Letters

Church Condolence Letter


John Lennon and family,

45 West Side Road

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 8976

Dated: 13th of January 2012

Respected Mr. Lennon,

We, the members of the Mercy Baptist Church would like to send our condolences for the demise of your mother Nancy Lennon on 12th of January 2012. In such difficult times, I would request you to pray to the Lord and our savior Jesus Christ.

Your mother was a member of our church. She had got baptized over here and also rest of your family. She also used to work for the church. We still remember and are grateful towards her for her contribution to the church.

In these tough times, I can only say that death is not an end but a process through which the soul frees itself from the pain inflicted on the body. Let’s all pray for the well being of her soul.


Father George

Condolence Letters

Military Condolence Letter


Mrs. Lu Chin

West Side Apartments

A wing Flat no. 210, 2ns floor

45 Shiny Ahead Road

San Francisco, Los Angeles 6789

Dated: 14th of February 2012

Dear Mrs. Chin,

I am sorry to hear the demise of your husband Major Yun Chin on 12th of February 2012. His death is not a great loss only for you and your family but also for the military.

Major Yun Chin had always been a brave soldier. He had cancelled his holidays in order to go to Iraq, but we wish we had forced him not to cancel his holidays then he might would have been here with us. He has sacrificed his life fighting for his country and he will always live in the hearts of every military man for years to come.

I understand your loss but can only say that as we all are proud of him, you are your family must also be proud of him. The military is always there to help if you need anything.


Glenn Close

Military Head.

Condolence Letters

Best Condolence Letter


Ron Howard

34 Straight Drive Road

New York, New Jersey

Dated: 13th of February 2012

Respected Mr. Howard,

I am deeply saddened to hear about the news of the demise of your wife on 10th of February 2012. I knew that she was suffering from terminal illness since last one year, but had never imagined that she would lose her life due to the illness.

Your wife was a gentle soul. She was not only my colleague but also my friend. She was very hard working and was loved by everyone at the work place. She was a born fighter so never expected her to lose this battle of life.

I know that it must be difficult for you and nothing can compensate for the loss that you had to undergone. I would request you to draw strength and stand beside her parents. May god bless her soul.

With regards,

Andrew Miller.


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Condolence Letters

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Esther Abraham

67 Yankee Doodle Lane

North City, New Atlanta 8900

Dated: 2nd of February 2012

Dear Esther,

I was one of the music students of your father and got the news that your father passed away on 30th of January 2012. I would like to convey my deepest condolences to you and the rest of the family as you have lost an important family member.

I used to learn music from your father till I completed my course in the year 2011. Not only was he a great musician, but also a great scholar. He has been an idol for all his students. If I am a successful musician today, he is the reason for my success. I also know that he has been a great father.

I pray for the well being of his soul and may it rest in peace. If I can prove to be of any help to you, then please let me know.


Britney Spears




Condolence Letters

Condolence Letters

Religious Condolence Letter


Phillip Elson

M-42, Greater Manchester

United Kingdom

Date: 5th February 2012

Subject: Condolence Message for the Sad Demise of Monsignor Jacob Flynn

On the instruction of Pope Benedict XVI the following message has been forwarded by the World Harvest Church on the sad demise of our Monsignor Jacob Flynn.

The Holy Father expresses his deep condolence and solace to the family of the demised Monsignor and wishes them to overcome the most sorrowful moments gradually. He also requests the family members to assemble at the church for the special prayers arranged for the peace of the departed soul on 6pm Sunday 7th February 2012.

On the presence of Christian mass he wishes to deliver his apostolic blessings, vow of solace and support to the dejected family members.

With the conviction of the Lord, I stand

Fraternally Yours in Christ,

Richard Schuler

Secretary in-charge

World Harvest Church

M-97, Greater Manchester

United Kingdom

Condolence Letters

Professional Condolence Letter


Henry Cooper

Managing Director

Amazon Organization Limited

23 Red Brick Lane

Sin City, Las Vegas 5678

Dated: 2nd of March 2012

Dear Mr. Copper,

I feel really sad to her the news that the chief executive officer of your organization, Sam Rock has passed away. I am an ex employee of your organization and have worked when he was already in the position of a chief executive officer.

I remember that he was a great leader and a team person. He was very motivational and always ensured that the employees are provided with the best possible facilities. He was an inspiration for all the employees in the organization as he had an amazing working procedure. His contribution towards the development of the organization is immense.

His demise is a great loss for the organization. We all will be missing him and will always remember him for his good deeds.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Marie Presley