Condolence Letters

Church Condolence Letter


John Lennon and family,

45 West Side Road

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 8976

Dated: 13th of January 2012

Respected Mr. Lennon,

We, the members of the Mercy Baptist Church would like to send our condolences for the demise of your mother Nancy Lennon on 12th of January 2012. In such difficult times, I would request you to pray to the Lord and our savior Jesus Christ.

Your mother was a member of our church. She had got baptized over here and also rest of your family. She also used to work for the church. We still remember and are grateful towards her for her contribution to the church.

In these tough times, I can only say that death is not an end but a process through which the soul frees itself from the pain inflicted on the body. Let’s all pray for the well being of her soul.


Father George

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