Condolence Letters

Military Condolence Letter


Mrs. Lu Chin

West Side Apartments

A wing Flat no. 210, 2ns floor

45 Shiny Ahead Road

San Francisco, Los Angeles 6789

Dated: 14th of February 2012

Dear Mrs. Chin,

I am sorry to hear the demise of your husband Major Yun Chin on 12th of February 2012. His death is not a great loss only for you and your family but also for the military.

Major Yun Chin had always been a brave soldier. He had cancelled his holidays in order to go to Iraq, but we wish we had forced him not to cancel his holidays then he might would have been here with us. He has sacrificed his life fighting for his country and he will always live in the hearts of every military man for years to come.

I understand your loss but can only say that as we all are proud of him, you are your family must also be proud of him. The military is always there to help if you need anything.


Glenn Close

Military Head.

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