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Sam Rock Well

East Side Apartments

23 Mountain High Road

Florida, New Jersey 8766

Dated: 23rd of February 2012

Dear Mr. Well,

I am very sad after getting the news about the death of your grandfather on 22nd of January 2012. I am shocked to hear that he passed away due to a cardiac arrest compared to the healthy lifestyle he had.

I believe that you must be in a state of shock after his demise as he was very close to you. I have always seen him leading a healthy lifestyle. He never had any bad habit and used to exercise regularly. So it is strange that a healthy person like him had a cardiac arrest. He was always very cheerful and full of life.

I understand that it is a difficult time that you are going through but you have to be strong and take care of your family. In case if you need any help please do let me.

With sympathy,

Terry Rogers


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