Condolence Letters

Emotional Condolence Letter


Mr. Andrew Flynn

South Square

Lane 5, North River Street, Lancashire,

United Kingdom

Date: 7th June 2011

Dear Andrew,

This might not be the right hour to bother you but I could not hold myself when I came to know about the sad demise of your father on last Monday.

I consider myself to be unfortunate enough for not being by your side physically right at this sad moment of your crisis.

In fact, my words are falling short for the grief stricken emotions I endure for you and your family members. However, death is an inevitable circumstance on someone’s life which teaches us to live without our most dear person. Hope, you and your family become strong enough to face this difficult phase of life and overcome it gradually.

My heartfelt solace and support are always with you and your bereaved family. I will come to meet you as soon as I come back to town.

Yours well-wisher

Jenifer Mathew

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