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Death Brother Condolence Letter


John Mayo

High housing Towers

21 Regina High Square

Universal Land, Los Angeles 7900

Dated: 12th of March 2012

Dear John,

Please accept my deepest condolences for the demise of your younger brother, Jim Mayo on 4th of March 2012. I understand that the death was untimely and an unfortunate one to happen at such a  young age.

Your brother Jim has always been a close friend of mine. He would help me and his other friends in all aspects of life. He was known as an all rounder in his college as has excelled in both academics as well as sports.  As a human being he was very humble and down to earth.  I and all his other friends are shocked to hear the news of his death.

I understand that a brother is a very important part of our life, and in these tough times, I can only say that please have strength and take care of your family. May his soul rest in peace.


Neil Lone

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