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Religious Condolence Letter


Phillip Elson

M-42, Greater Manchester

United Kingdom

Date: 5th February 2012

Subject: Condolence Message for the Sad Demise of Monsignor Jacob Flynn

On the instruction of Pope Benedict XVI the following message has been forwarded by the World Harvest Church on the sad demise of our Monsignor Jacob Flynn.

The Holy Father expresses his deep condolence and solace to the family of the demised Monsignor and wishes them to overcome the most sorrowful moments gradually. He also requests the family members to assemble at the church for the special prayers arranged for the peace of the departed soul on 6pm Sunday 7th February 2012.

On the presence of Christian mass he wishes to deliver his apostolic blessings, vow of solace and support to the dejected family members.

With the conviction of the Lord, I stand

Fraternally Yours in Christ,

Richard Schuler

Secretary in-charge

World Harvest Church

M-97, Greater Manchester

United Kingdom

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