Condolence Letters

Professional Condolence Letter


Henry Cooper

Managing Director

Amazon Organization Limited

23 Red Brick Lane

Sin City, Las Vegas 5678

Dated: 2nd of March 2012

Dear Mr. Copper,

I feel really sad to her the news that the chief executive officer of your organization, Sam Rock has passed away. I am an ex employee of your organization and have worked when he was already in the position of a chief executive officer.

I remember that he was a great leader and a team person. He was very motivational and always ensured that the employees are provided with the best possible facilities. He was an inspiration for all the employees in the organization as he had an amazing working procedure. His contribution towards the development of the organization is immense.

His demise is a great loss for the organization. We all will be missing him and will always remember him for his good deeds.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Marie Presley

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