Agreement Letters

Distributor Agreement Letter


Managing Director,

Johnson and company,

Los Angeles-4562211


Dear Sir,

Sub- Letter of Agreement for acting as local distributor of your products

We thank you for choosing us as a local distributor of your branded products in the local market. The agreement has been made between Johnson and company and Los Angeles Prime Distributor dated on 3/11/2011.

As per the agreement our task will be to distribute your products in the relevant local shops for the products. Every day we will have to achieve the turnover of $500.

For doing this task you will allow us to take the margin of 3% on your products. If we are able to distribute over the target turnover, then you will reward us with 10% on the extra turn over.  You will allow us the credit period of 90days which will subject to 5days as grace period.

If you are content with the above terms of the agreement then please counter sign this letter and send the same back to us.

We are looking to make a long and positive relationship with your company which would result in growth for both of us.

Yours Truly,

Managing Director,

Los Angeles Prime Distributor

Los Angeles-12354


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Agreement Letters

Sole Agency Agreement Letter

George Woods,

Managing Director,

Apple and Company,

Los Angeles-123546



Dear Sir,

Sub- Letter of Agreement for Sole Agency for Selling Apples

Thank you for selecting us for acting as sole agent for selling apples of your company. The agreement is made between Apple and Company and Apples and Bananas Selling Agency dated 3/10/2011 and which will last for coming two years.

According to the agreement our task for Apple and company will be to sell the company’s apples in the local market. The apples will be taken from your warehouse and will be sold in the market where we have our agency’s shops.

For doing this task you will reward us with 10% commission on the selling price of apples. The commission will be directly deducted from the selling price when it will come to make payment to you.

We must sell at least 100Kgs of apples every week. If we are not able to do so you will charge us 10% on our commission.

If you are agree to above terms then counter sign this letter and send back to us as early as possible.

Yours Truly,

Apples and Bananas Selling Agency,

Mr. Michael Fleming


Los Angeles-12354


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Agreement Letters

Sample Sole Agent Agreement Letter


Managing Director,

ABC House Developing Company,

Log Angeles-101010



Dear Sir,

The agreement is made between ABC House Developing Company and Sweet Home Agency on 3/10/2011 for appointing Sweet Home Agency as the sole agent for the ABC House Developing Company for selling the houses constructed by the ABC House Developing Company.

We have been appointed as the sole agent for your company for selling houses which have been built by you. We must have to sell at least five houses in a month.

For doing this you will pay us our fees which has been regarded as the commission in the original agreement between.  The commission will be directly deducted by us from the selling price of the house. If we are not able to achieve the target in a month, then you will charge 10% penalties on our commission.

We are glad to inform you that we are agreed to all terms and conditions of the agreement and we are ready to act as sole agent for your company from the mentioned date in the agreement.

If you are agreed to all the terms then sign the duplicate copy this letter and send it to us.


Sweet Home Agency,

Michael Hardy


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Agreement Letters

Job Placement Agreement Letter

Sheila Petterson

187 Anderson St.,

Ferriday, LA 71565

Dear Sheila Petterson:

This letter is sent to confirm that ABC Media has hired you as its Communications Officer. You are employed under the said position with our company under the following terms and conditions:

1. You agree to render 40 hours of work each week with occasional overtimes whenever needed

2. You shall be responsible in handling the company’s official newsletter and sending press releases to media outfits for every activity of the company

3. The Company has the right to terminate your service, but with proper notice

4. Your basic compensation is $4000 subject to tax and benefits deductions. Services rendered beyond office hours shall also be paid based on the computed hourly rates

5. The Company will provide you government-granted benefits such as health insurance, leaves, and regularization

Signing in the space provided means you are accepting the said terms and conditions.

Respectfully Yours,

Bernadette Smith

Human Resource Manager

ABC Media

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Agreement Letters

Agreement on Consulting Services

1. WebSeig Consulting (hereafter called Contractor) agrees to give the following products and services to Yell Media Works (hereafter called Client):

A. Information gathering: Contractor can review the relevant information compiled by the Client:

1. information on the records of attendance of previous events

2. samples of the past promotional pieces or timely press coverage

3. some samples of the past membership flyers

4. financial information for the past few years

Contractor can also inquire on the availability of any market studies within the Arizona area done by the government or other concerned groups.

In addition, the Contractor can also inquire into through phone with the concerned coordinator to check on the issues concerning the Client.

B. Member Survey: Contractor shall design a single page membership survey, and the Client is deemed responsible for the duplication of such including the task of sending them out to the members as well as tallying the responses.

C. Contractor will draft marketing materials that include but not limited to press releases, search engine optimization articles, and blog posts, among others.

2. Either Party may opt to end this agreement with 30 days’ written notice to the other party. In the event that the agreement is terminated, Contractor will provide Client a statement of account that will explain all of the fees that are paid up to that period of time.


For WebSeig Consulting:

___________________        Date: ________________

For Yell Media Works:

__________________          Date: ________________

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Agreement Letters

Non-disclosure Agreement Letter


BETWEEN: MicroSourcing, Inc.

AND: SPi Global

35 Richmond, California, USA


Mr. Alden Walter

Tel: 523-695-8963

RE: SPi Global

(the “Company”)

MicoSourcing, Inc. has requested for some information (the “Information”) that are related with the Company, which the Company considers as confidential and valuable. As part of the terms and condition of the Company requesting the said information, MicrSourcing, Inc. acknowledges that any oral or written information now and hereafter given to them that concerns the Company shall be considered confidential. In addition, the Company’s business and general operations could be affected if the acquired information would be leaked to third parties.

MicroSourcing, Inc. agrees that the acquired information:

Shall be kept confidential from the time it was acquired; therefore, the information shall never be leaked or disclosed to parties not mentioned in this non-disclosure agreement. In case the law requires the information to be disclosed, there shall be a prior approval from the Company.

Shall not be considered part of public knowledge making it not accessible to the public; hence, the need for a non-disclosure agreement.

It is therefore agreed and understood that in the event that the agreement is breached, the Company shall be given equitable relief. This is in addition to any other remedies that could be given.

Acceptance of this non-disclosure agreement by MicroSourcing, Inc and the Company, and the terms and conditions mentioned above shall be evidence by the countersigning of this agreement, and returning one of the copies to the parties involved.

Dated Richmond, California this 1st of December, 2005.

SPi Global



MicroSourcing, Inc.


Mr. Alden Walter

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Agreement Letters

Letter of intent agreement

Sample Letter of intent agreement

Melbourne IT Limited

88760 Whitefield Lane

Boulevard Street, BA 77659

October 25, 2009


We hereby understand that you are submitting a bid to NeuStar Inc. for the invitation of          tenders as on June 12 2009, to act as a registry for a top level domain. NeuStar, Inc., and Melbourne IT Limited, has entered into a joint venture and, are willing to subsequently submit the bid, to enter into discussions with the parties regarding the provision of registry services for a top level domain. As a matter of fact, both the parties have undertaken to abide by the rules .Any obligation would be conditioned upon the execution of a definitive written agreement between both the parties, containing the terms and conditions upon which such services are to be provided. For any further discussions do not restrict yourself from entering into such an agreement.


NeuStar, Inc

Mathew Arnold, Vice president

Melbourne IT Limited

Thomas Gray, Managing Director

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Agreement Letters

Purchase agreement letter

Sample Purchase agreement letter

Block C 13 B

30 Commercial Road



Date: 19-04-09

Dear Sir,

As we have discussed earlier, this letter of agreement requests the buyers for an                  early move for the purchased flat of Block C 13 B, Commercial Road, Hampshire from 25-04-09. As, per the rules, buyers need to pay the monthly utilities and conservancy bills. Hereby, the buyers also agrees that sellers would not take any responsibility over any damages recurring to the house. Henceforth, both the parties agrees to the completion of Puchase/Sale of the above mentioned flat Block C 13 B.

So, on the request of our correspondent, we confirm this agreement and also engage in compliance with the terms and conditions.

Thank you for the full support and cooperation in this matter as on dated: 25-04-09.


Acknowledgement by Seller

Mr, William C. D Souza

Block D, 58

Church gate Road


Acknowledgement by Buyer

Priery C. George

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Letter of credit agreement

Sample Letter of credit agreement

This Letter of Credit Agreement is made and entered into as of May 25, 2010, by and between Sun Best Corporation (“Company”) and the ANZ Home Loan Bank (“Bank”) of Alabama.


WHEREAS, the Company has requested, and the Bank has agreed, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement to establish a $16,000,000 Letter of Credit facility;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the mutual covenants herein contained, the Company and the Bank agree as follows:

Terms and Conditions:

Subject to such terms and conditions hereof as the Bank may specify from time to time. The Bank, with the consent of the Company, may modify any terms of the Letter of Credit requested by the Company and issue the Letter of Credit as so modified.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Letter of Credit Agreement to be duly executed and delivered by their respective representatives as of the date first above- mentioned.

George Thomas

Legal Advisor

ANZ Home Loan Bank

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Agreement Letters

Partnership agreement letter

Sample Partnership agreement letter

This Partnership is made by and among the General Partners listed below:

1. Formation of the Partnership:

The parties hereto agree to form a general partnership under the Alaska Uniform Partnership Act.

2. Name of the Partnership:

The name of the Partnership shall be ABC Corp Private Ltd

3. Purposes:

Subject to the limitations set forth in this Agreement, the purposes of the Partnership are to engage in the business of ABC Corp Private Ltd and to conduct other activities as may be necessary or desirable in connection with the foregoing.

4. Principal Place of Business and Office of the Partnership:

The principal place of business and office of the Partnership shall be located at Alaska, or other such other places as the General Partners may from time to time determine.

5. Term:

The Partnership shall commence on the date hereof and shall continue until 6.00p.m., May29, 2025, unless sooner dissolved.

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