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Purchase agreement letter

Sample Purchase agreement letter

Block C 13 B

30 Commercial Road



Date: 19-04-09

Dear Sir,

As we have discussed earlier, this letter of agreement requests the buyers for an                  early move for the purchased flat of Block C 13 B, Commercial Road, Hampshire from 25-04-09. As, per the rules, buyers need to pay the monthly utilities and conservancy bills. Hereby, the buyers also agrees that sellers would not take any responsibility over any damages recurring to the house. Henceforth, both the parties agrees to the completion of Puchase/Sale of the above mentioned flat Block C 13 B.

So, on the request of our correspondent, we confirm this agreement and also engage in compliance with the terms and conditions.

Thank you for the full support and cooperation in this matter as on dated: 25-04-09.


Acknowledgement by Seller

Mr, William C. D Souza

Block D, 58

Church gate Road


Acknowledgement by Buyer

Priery C. George

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