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Letter of intent agreement

Sample Letter of intent agreement

Melbourne IT Limited

88760 Whitefield Lane

Boulevard Street, BA 77659

October 25, 2009


We hereby understand that you are submitting a bid to NeuStar Inc. for the invitation of          tenders as on June 12 2009, to act as a registry for a top level domain. NeuStar, Inc., and Melbourne IT Limited, has entered into a joint venture and, are willing to subsequently submit the bid, to enter into discussions with the parties regarding the provision of registry services for a top level domain. As a matter of fact, both the parties have undertaken to abide by the rules .Any obligation would be conditioned upon the execution of a definitive written agreement between both the parties, containing the terms and conditions upon which such services are to be provided. For any further discussions do not restrict yourself from entering into such an agreement.


NeuStar, Inc

Mathew Arnold, Vice president

Melbourne IT Limited

Thomas Gray, Managing Director

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