Agreement Letters

Distributor Agreement Letter


Managing Director,

Johnson and company,

Los Angeles-4562211


Dear Sir,

Sub- Letter of Agreement for acting as local distributor of your products

We thank you for choosing us as a local distributor of your branded products in the local market. The agreement has been made between Johnson and company and Los Angeles Prime Distributor dated on 3/11/2011.

As per the agreement our task will be to distribute your products in the relevant local shops for the products. Every day we will have to achieve the turnover of $500.

For doing this task you will allow us to take the margin of 3% on your products. If we are able to distribute over the target turnover, then you will reward us with 10% on the extra turn over.  You will allow us the credit period of 90days which will subject to 5days as grace period.

If you are content with the above terms of the agreement then please counter sign this letter and send the same back to us.

We are looking to make a long and positive relationship with your company which would result in growth for both of us.

Yours Truly,

Managing Director,

Los Angeles Prime Distributor

Los Angeles-12354


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