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Standard Distributor Agreement Letter


Shane Lee,

Managing Director,

Los Angeles Electronics Inc

Los Angeles-12546


Dear Sir,

Sub- Letter of agreement for appointing as state Distributor for the product

We please to know that you have chosen us for acting as state distributor of your products. The agreement of distribution is between Los Angeles Electronics Inc and Fair Distributor Company. The agreement is made dated on 3/10/2011. The agreement will continue for the period of 6 months from the date of signing.

The task involve in the agreement which is to be done by us is that we will pick the products of your company from the warehouse of the company and we will be responsible for the distribution of the same in the state market.

For doing this, we will be allowed to take margin of 2% on the selling price of the products which will also be subject to incentives if would be able cross the set targets of $1000 per day. You will reward us with 5% margin on the products for the over sales of your products.

If you agree with these clauses of the agreement then counter sign the same letter and send it to us back for the confirmation of agreement from your side.

Yours Truly,

Stuart Broad

Proprietor of Fair Distributor Company,

Los Angeles-52316


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