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Sole Agency Agreement Letter

George Woods,

Managing Director,

Apple and Company,

Los Angeles-123546



Dear Sir,

Sub- Letter of Agreement for Sole Agency for Selling Apples

Thank you for selecting us for acting as sole agent for selling apples of your company. The agreement is made between Apple and Company and Apples and Bananas Selling Agency dated 3/10/2011 and which will last for coming two years.

According to the agreement our task for Apple and company will be to sell the company’s apples in the local market. The apples will be taken from your warehouse and will be sold in the market where we have our agency’s shops.

For doing this task you will reward us with 10% commission on the selling price of apples. The commission will be directly deducted from the selling price when it will come to make payment to you.

We must sell at least 100Kgs of apples every week. If we are not able to do so you will charge us 10% on our commission.

If you are agree to above terms then counter sign this letter and send back to us as early as possible.

Yours Truly,

Apples and Bananas Selling Agency,

Mr. Michael Fleming


Los Angeles-12354


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