Agreement Letters

Payment agreement letter

Sample Payment agreement letter


Roy S Tucson

11272 Desforges Avenue,


FL- 32836.

Mr. Steven Smith


Smith Enterprises

1010 Main Street,

Kansas City, Missouri- 64105.

RE: This letter is in response to your letter received on 23rd May 2008.Reference account number#:12377896

Dear Mr. Smith,

Based on the records I have and your letter, the balance amount of this debt is $24000. I want to inform you that my current financial status doesn’t allow me to pay in full the balance amount by 27th May 2008. That doesn’t mean I am disputing this debt. I can make payments in installments on this account on every June 1st to your company in the amount of $250.

I have enclosed my first payment along with this letter. I would appreciate a call from you confirming your acceptance. If you aren’t satisfied with the terms then I expect the enclosed payment to be returned to me immediately.

The inconvenience caused is regretted.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Roy S Tucson

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Agreement Letters

Letter of agreement template

Sample Letter of agreement template

25th May, 2010

2301 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA

19103- 1380

Subject: Letter of Agreement regarding Brochure preparation for your organization

Dear Mr. Andrew Mark,

We would like to thank you for selecting our agency for your task #123. This task is inclusive of brochure preparation, consulting services and marketing services which are necessary aspects of the job.  I would like to inform you regarding the time required for the completion of work which is estimated to be about hundred working hours; the fee would be $70 for an hour which would end up in a total amount of $7000.

The following services would be made available in exchange for the base rates: editing, meeting, consulting, travel, research, teleconferencing and copy writing.  Additional time requirement would require payment of additional rates.

If you are convinced about the above mentioned specifications, I would like the signed agreement letter at the earliest.


Michael Clark

25 May 2010

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Agreement Letters

Sample letter of agreement

Sample letter of agreement

May 25, 2007

Mr. Adam Clark

Managing Director

Clark and Associates

1010 Main Street

Kansas City

Missouri 64105

Dear Mr. Clark,

The letter is being written for making you aware of Philips Symonds’s interest in offering the writing services for the Clark and Associates Organization.

Services that are offered:

Philips Symonds is willing to write a brochure of four pages in which there will be description on the engineering services provided by Clark and associates. The brochure related information would be made available at frequent intervals of time. Existing business documents and interviews with the people associated with the company would be considered as references.

Photos, charts, graphics and all other information would be provided by the company and would be responsible for the production costs and printing of the brochure.

The rates for the job are found to be $50 for an hour.  $650 would be given to Philips Symonds within five days of signing the agreement letter.


Philips Symonds

North Second Street’

Phoenix, AZ


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Agreement Letters

Letter of agreement

Sample Letter of agreement

25 May 2010

1776 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Philadelphia, PA


Dear Ms. Susan Arnold,

This letter is being written for letting you know of our interest in making you a part of our organization. We are highly impressed by your skill sets and the wonderful track record of your career. We are honored to offer you the position of Marketing Manager in our organization.

Your job responsibilities are dealt with in detail in the attached copy of the agreement letter, kindly go through it and let me know of any clarifications you require. Also, please send the attached document dated and signed to my address mentioned here.

The important details regarding the job responsibilities and other specifications are as follows:

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Employment Location: Philadelphia, PA

Contact Information: 215-561-1776

Benefits of the Title: Please refer the attached document for detailed description

Annual Pay Package: $20,000

First Day of Work: 15th June, 2010

Agreement Letters

Termination of lease agreement letter

Sample Termination of lease agreement letter

May 25, 2010


111 Good Valley Road

Philadelphia, PA

USA 19104

Re: Apartment 101, 103 Good Valley Road

Philadelphia, PA

USA 19104

Dear Landlord,

This letter is being written for letting you know of my decision to end the tenancy on the above mentioned residence of yours within a time period of thirty days, most probably on June 30th, 2010.

I would like to be present at the residence during the inspection for damages before leaving the residence. I would like to inform you that I have a right to be present at the residence during the inspection for damages. I will be shifting to another residence at 222 Good Place Drive, Frederick in Maryland soon after the completion of the term. You can contact me at this address for any clarifications in the future after 30th of June, 2010.

Very Truly Yours,

Terry Marc

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Agreement Letters

Employment agreement letter

Sample Employment agreement letter

May 25, 2010

Jones Michael

17th Race Street,

Philadelphia, PA

USA 19103

Re:  Employment Agreement with Conestoga Bank

Dear Mr Edward Arnold,

Congratulations! We are impressed by your qualification, skills, the experience and we are confident of your potential to be beneficial for our organisation. It is our pleasure to offer you the position of Area Manager in our organisation. Please go through the employment agreement enclosed herewith, one copy should be signed, dated and returned to me at the address specified here.

For clarifying any doubts, please get in touch with me. Please find the job responsibilities that would be assigned to you immediately after joining our organisation which is attached with this letter.

The specifications regarding your position in our company are as given below:

Position Title: Area Manager

Work Location: Philadelphia, PA

Contact Information: 215 841-6555

Annual Pay Package: $25,000

First Day of Work: 13th June, 2010

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