Agreement Letters

Sample letter of agreement

Sample letter of agreement

May 25, 2007

Mr. Adam Clark

Managing Director

Clark and Associates

1010 Main Street

Kansas City

Missouri 64105

Dear Mr. Clark,

The letter is being written for making you aware of Philips Symonds’s interest in offering the writing services for the Clark and Associates Organization.

Services that are offered:

Philips Symonds is willing to write a brochure of four pages in which there will be description on the engineering services provided by Clark and associates. The brochure related information would be made available at frequent intervals of time. Existing business documents and interviews with the people associated with the company would be considered as references.

Photos, charts, graphics and all other information would be provided by the company and would be responsible for the production costs and printing of the brochure.

The rates for the job are found to be $50 for an hour.  $650 would be given to Philips Symonds within five days of signing the agreement letter.


Philips Symonds

North Second Street’

Phoenix, AZ


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