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25 May 2010

1776 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Philadelphia, PA


Dear Ms. Susan Arnold,

This letter is being written for letting you know of our interest in making you a part of our organization. We are highly impressed by your skill sets and the wonderful track record of your career. We are honored to offer you the position of Marketing Manager in our organization.

Your job responsibilities are dealt with in detail in the attached copy of the agreement letter, kindly go through it and let me know of any clarifications you require. Also, please send the attached document dated and signed to my address mentioned here.

The important details regarding the job responsibilities and other specifications are as follows:

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Employment Location: Philadelphia, PA

Contact Information: 215-561-1776

Benefits of the Title: Please refer the attached document for detailed description

Annual Pay Package: $20,000

First Day of Work: 15th June, 2010

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