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Letter of agreement template

Sample Letter of agreement template

25th May, 2010

2301 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA

19103- 1380

Subject: Letter of Agreement regarding Brochure preparation for your organization

Dear Mr. Andrew Mark,

We would like to thank you for selecting our agency for your task #123. This task is inclusive of brochure preparation, consulting services and marketing services which are necessary aspects of the job.  I would like to inform you regarding the time required for the completion of work which is estimated to be about hundred working hours; the fee would be $70 for an hour which would end up in a total amount of $7000.

The following services would be made available in exchange for the base rates: editing, meeting, consulting, travel, research, teleconferencing and copy writing.  Additional time requirement would require payment of additional rates.

If you are convinced about the above mentioned specifications, I would like the signed agreement letter at the earliest.


Michael Clark

25 May 2010

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