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Payment agreement letter

Sample Payment agreement letter


Roy S Tucson

11272 Desforges Avenue,


FL- 32836.

Mr. Steven Smith


Smith Enterprises

1010 Main Street,

Kansas City, Missouri- 64105.

RE: This letter is in response to your letter received on 23rd May 2008.Reference account number#:12377896

Dear Mr. Smith,

Based on the records I have and your letter, the balance amount of this debt is $24000. I want to inform you that my current financial status doesn’t allow me to pay in full the balance amount by 27th May 2008. That doesn’t mean I am disputing this debt. I can make payments in installments on this account on every June 1st to your company in the amount of $250.

I have enclosed my first payment along with this letter. I would appreciate a call from you confirming your acceptance. If you aren’t satisfied with the terms then I expect the enclosed payment to be returned to me immediately.

The inconvenience caused is regretted.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Roy S Tucson

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