Agreement Letters

Settlement agreement letter

Sample Settlement agreement letter

Wednesday, 25-05-10

ADS Corp, USA and Thomas Richards hereby agree to come to compromising terms based on the following terms and conditions:

ADS Corp and Thomas Richards agree that alleged debt is $9000. The parties agree that ADS Corp shall accept the sum of $6000.00 as full payment on the debt. The acceptance of the payment will serve as a complete discharge of all the due, and ADS Corp agrees to consider the debt paid in full and agrees to not take further action to collect on the alleged debt. The payment shall be made in terms of cashier’s check or money order.

This compromise is expressly conditioned upon the payment being received by 06-05-10. If Thomas Richards fails to pay the said amount by 06-05-10, this contract will be immediately terminated and the original amount owed by Thomas Richards will stand to be immediately due.

This Agreement shall benefit of the parties, their successors, and assignees.

Signature: Garyson.T

Legal Representative of ADS Corp

Signature: Thomas Richards

Account holder

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Agreement Letters

Letter of agreement form

Sample Letter of agreement form

Net flux Inc.

456 A, west colony


Tucson, AZ 897658


Date: 25-05-2010

Sub: Agreement between software vendors, Net flux inc.and insoft solutions

This letter holds the agreement between Net flux Inc and Insoft solutions in connection with ordering of certain Management information system software products such as Decision Support system and Enterprise Internet Portal system pursuant to the terms hereof solely for the purpose of buying and not borrowing, to consumers Insoft solutions for the purchasing of products. This agreement may not be amended, changed or modified herewith except in a writing form duly signed by both the parties.

This agreement specifies the entire understanding of the parties regarding the subject matter and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements.

Insoft solutions will be solely responsible to pay all the taxes, fees or governmental charges required. Insoft shall pay all such taxes within the applicable time periods. The term of this agreement shall be for a period of 3 years unless earlier terminated by both the parties on a written agreement thereof.

Yours sincerely

Net flux Inc.

By: Alex Fredrick

(Senior executive, Vice President)

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Agreement Letters

Lease agreement letter

Sample Lease agreement letter

Owner Name                           :                             Hansie.J

Owners Address                    :                             3000 Southwest Boulevard,

San Angelo, TX

Lessee Name                          :                              Hayden

Lessee Address                        :                             Orange Courthouse,

11th Street, Wichita Falls, TX

This lease agreement as on 25th May, 2010 between Mr Hansie.J and Mr Hayden shows that Mr Hansie.J is the sole, absolute and legal owner of the parcel of property bearing Flat No 132, 3000 Southwest Boulevard, San Angelo, TX and where as the LESSEE, Mr has leased the property consisting of 3 bed rooms, living/dinning, 2-bathrooms, kitchen and car garage.

The Lease is for a term of 12 months, beginning on 25-05-10 and terminating on 25-06-10. The monthly rent will be 3000$ for the premises, 200$ for the furniture, other fixtures and300$ for the utility bills (includes electricity, municipal water and drinking water), for a total3000$per month.

The LESSE has agreed to abide on the terms and conditions as per the LEASE Agreement rules.

Lessor’s Signature Hansie.J                                                           25_05_10

Lessee’s Signature: Hayden  witness signature: Clara                 25_05_10

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Agreement Letters

Employment agreement letter

Sample Employment agreement letter

Wednesday, 24-05-10

Thomson                                                                                                                                                                                      Ferriday Location
1609 ninth Street
Ferriday, LA 71564

Dear Thomson,

This letter is to confirm that Mac Creations has hired you as its System Security head.  You are employed to work with us under the following terms and conditions:

1. You agree to work full-time and render quality service

3. You shall assume responsibility for all security documents and other scientific materials delivered to you.

4. The company can terminate your employment anytime, without notice.

5. The Company shall pay you a salary of 5000$ per month as consideration for all services that has to be rendered

7. The Company shall provide you paid mandatory holidays, sick leaves, and health insurance packages for family.

Signing in the space below indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions stated above.



General Manager


I, Thomson, have read the above Agreement, understand and agree with its terms, and have received a copy.


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Agreement Letters

Letter of agreement format

Sample Letter of agreement format

Wednesday, 24-05-10

Good day,

We the undersigned acting with full corporate authority and with full legal responsibility do hereby pleasantly confirm and commit subject to the Law of perjury that we are readily willing and able to sell footwear  products to Fashion Pvt Ltd, LA under the condition and procedure set out here.

The Below company handles our company transaction in selling our products  here in Houston, Texas so if you are interested kindly make quick arrangement for all parties to meet in Houston, and then after this transaction if  you still want to buy more of our products , then we can go for further rounds of transaction.


Buyer and Seller signs sales and Purchase Agreement Buyer comes down to Houston for sample inspection, and signing of contract. Seller commences supplies based on the Agreement between the two parties.

We anticipate a cordial business relationship with you and are eagerly waiting for your reply.


GM- Sales

Gaga Footwear



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Agreement Letters

Letter of understanding and agreement

Sample Letter of understanding and agreement

Dated: 6th December 2005


Cederstraat 21,

2800 Mechelen,


Dear Mrs. Alice,

This letter reviews the understanding we have attained regarding the terms and policies of your employment with Sales Department starting from 15th December 2005. After going through the letter do sign in the space given as an indication of your understanding and agreement.

  1. The agreement will be in effect from 15/12/2005 and will terminate on 15/12/2006 unless extended or rewritten on mutual consent.
  2. In this period, you will be expected to have 100%efficiency in your work. Your salary will be $500 per month.
  3. You will not work for any other institution either full time or part-time within the agreement period.
  4. During this period Sales Department will supply you with necessary facilities for your use (like computer, printer, internet, etc)


Fernando Gallous

(HR head)

I agree to the terms and conditions set above.

Alice Fernandez,

(Sales Manger)

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Agreement Letters

Agreement termination letter

Sample Agreement termination letter

Dated: 5/10/2007

ABB Business Services Ltd

Affolternstraie 44,

8050 Zurich


Dear Mr. Simon,

This letter is with reference to the License Agreement between Mr. Andrew Simon and ABB Business Service signed on 12th September 2006. Kindly accept this letter as our formal notice to inform you that your agreement with this company will be terminated with effect from 15th October 2007.

You have received three disciplinary notices with in one year of service. Even after several warnings we see no positive response from your side. We required employees who are sincere and punctual in their duties. We can no longer continue your service at ABB Business Services. The termination will be with immediate effect. You will be paid two weeks salary for this month.

Thank you for all the support and cooperation you have given for the company.

Best wishes for a bright future.


Jody Francis

(HR Manager)

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Agreement Letters

Interior design letter of agreement

Sample Interior design letter of agreement

This agreement is made by and between Mrs. Dizuza, 45 Old Street, WIX 3AF London, Greater London, U K, hereafter called as NAFI and Claremont Group Interiors, Kelvin Close, Brinchwood, Warrington, WA 37 PB, hereafter called as Contractor for interior design work at Choice Hotel Europe.

The agreement is as follows;

  1. The NAFI and Contractor agree and accept the assignment.
  2. The Contractor will finish all the work of interior within 30 days after signing the agreement.
  3. The Contractor will receive a sum of $2500 on completion of entire work within contract period. Compensation for extra work if any or in connection with any changes in plan will be negotiated with the Contracting Office at the end of work.
  4. The contract can be terminated or modified only by supplementary agreement in writing and signed by both parties.

The agreement has been reviewed and accepted.

Dated: 23/09/2006

For NAFI                                                                   For the Contractor

Mrs. Dizuza                                                  (Manager, Claremont Group Interiors)

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Agreement Letters

Loan agreement letter

Sample Loan agreement letter

This is an agreement between the Bank of Florida, 1185 Immokalee Road,
Naples, FL 34110 and American Electric Technologies Inc., 6410 Long Drive, Florida.

Whereas, the AETI has requested a loan from Bank of Florida for emergency financial help and in accordance with certain terms and conditions;

Whereas, the Bank is willing to loan money to AETI in accordance with some terms and conditions;

Now, therefore, it is hereby agreed that:

  1. On the date in which this agreement is signed by Bank, the Bank will loan AETI an amount of $2500.
  2. Interest will be calculated on loan amount only after one year from date of this agreement.
  3. The maximum term of loan is five years.
  4. If AETI failed in repaying the loan, then it is agreed that the Bank may charge collection costs against AETI.

Dated: 22/06/2007

For Conestoga Bank:                                                                     For AETI:

Michel Brown                                                                        Steffi Garry

(Manager)                                                                             (Managing Partner)

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Agreement Letters

Rental agreement letter

17th March 2006

This agreement made on 17th March 2008 by and between  Mr. Jackson Stevson, 299 Madison Ave., 41st St., New York City, NY- 10017, herein called ‘Landlord’ and Mr. Fernido Joy, 7432 Reseda Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA- 91335, herein called ‘Tenant’. Landlord hereby agrees to rent to Tenant the property located in the New York City, U S, described as follows, commencing on 1st April 2008 and monthly thereafter until 1st March 2009, at which time this agreement is terminated. Landlord gives his property on rent to Tenant on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Tenant agrees to pay Landlord a sum of $50 as rent on every 1st of every month before 5.00pm.
  2. Payment must be made in cash.
  3. The Tenant has to deposit an amount of $100 as security deposit which will be refunded at the time of termination of agreement.

Accepted this on 18/03/2006

Jackson                                                                        Fernido

(Landlord)                                                                    (Tenant)

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