Agreement Letters

Letter of understanding and agreement

Sample Letter of understanding and agreement

Dated: 6th December 2005


Cederstraat 21,

2800 Mechelen,


Dear Mrs. Alice,

This letter reviews the understanding we have attained regarding the terms and policies of your employment with Sales Department starting from 15th December 2005. After going through the letter do sign in the space given as an indication of your understanding and agreement.

  1. The agreement will be in effect from 15/12/2005 and will terminate on 15/12/2006 unless extended or rewritten on mutual consent.
  2. In this period, you will be expected to have 100%efficiency in your work. Your salary will be $500 per month.
  3. You will not work for any other institution either full time or part-time within the agreement period.
  4. During this period Sales Department will supply you with necessary facilities for your use (like computer, printer, internet, etc)


Fernando Gallous

(HR head)

I agree to the terms and conditions set above.

Alice Fernandez,

(Sales Manger)

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