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Agreement termination letter

Sample Agreement termination letter

Dated: 5/10/2007

ABB Business Services Ltd

Affolternstraie 44,

8050 Zurich


Dear Mr. Simon,

This letter is with reference to the License Agreement between Mr. Andrew Simon and ABB Business Service signed on 12th September 2006. Kindly accept this letter as our formal notice to inform you that your agreement with this company will be terminated with effect from 15th October 2007.

You have received three disciplinary notices with in one year of service. Even after several warnings we see no positive response from your side. We required employees who are sincere and punctual in their duties. We can no longer continue your service at ABB Business Services. The termination will be with immediate effect. You will be paid two weeks salary for this month.

Thank you for all the support and cooperation you have given for the company.

Best wishes for a bright future.


Jody Francis

(HR Manager)

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