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Interior design letter of agreement

Sample Interior design letter of agreement

This agreement is made by and between Mrs. Dizuza, 45 Old Street, WIX 3AF London, Greater London, U K, hereafter called as NAFI and Claremont Group Interiors, Kelvin Close, Brinchwood, Warrington, WA 37 PB, hereafter called as Contractor for interior design work at Choice Hotel Europe.

The agreement is as follows;

  1. The NAFI and Contractor agree and accept the assignment.
  2. The Contractor will finish all the work of interior within 30 days after signing the agreement.
  3. The Contractor will receive a sum of $2500 on completion of entire work within contract period. Compensation for extra work if any or in connection with any changes in plan will be negotiated with the Contracting Office at the end of work.
  4. The contract can be terminated or modified only by supplementary agreement in writing and signed by both parties.

The agreement has been reviewed and accepted.

Dated: 23/09/2006

For NAFI                                                                   For the Contractor

Mrs. Dizuza                                                  (Manager, Claremont Group Interiors)

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