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Lease agreement letter

Sample Lease agreement letter

Owner Name                           :                             Hansie.J

Owners Address                    :                             3000 Southwest Boulevard,

San Angelo, TX

Lessee Name                          :                              Hayden

Lessee Address                        :                             Orange Courthouse,

11th Street, Wichita Falls, TX

This lease agreement as on 25th May, 2010 between Mr Hansie.J and Mr Hayden shows that Mr Hansie.J is the sole, absolute and legal owner of the parcel of property bearing Flat No 132, 3000 Southwest Boulevard, San Angelo, TX and where as the LESSEE, Mr has leased the property consisting of 3 bed rooms, living/dinning, 2-bathrooms, kitchen and car garage.

The Lease is for a term of 12 months, beginning on 25-05-10 and terminating on 25-06-10. The monthly rent will be 3000$ for the premises, 200$ for the furniture, other fixtures and300$ for the utility bills (includes electricity, municipal water and drinking water), for a total3000$per month.

The LESSE has agreed to abide on the terms and conditions as per the LEASE Agreement rules.

Lessor’s Signature Hansie.J                                                           25_05_10

Lessee’s Signature: Hayden  witness signature: Clara                 25_05_10

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the agreement shown above is the best example of how to write a lease agreement letter. any one who don’t know how to write lease agreement letter, you can learn from this simple example above.

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