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Employment agreement letter

Sample Employment agreement letter

May 25, 2010

Jones Michael

17th Race Street,

Philadelphia, PA

USA 19103

Re:  Employment Agreement with Conestoga Bank

Dear Mr Edward Arnold,

Congratulations! We are impressed by your qualification, skills, the experience and we are confident of your potential to be beneficial for our organisation. It is our pleasure to offer you the position of Area Manager in our organisation. Please go through the employment agreement enclosed herewith, one copy should be signed, dated and returned to me at the address specified here.

For clarifying any doubts, please get in touch with me. Please find the job responsibilities that would be assigned to you immediately after joining our organisation which is attached with this letter.

The specifications regarding your position in our company are as given below:

Position Title: Area Manager

Work Location: Philadelphia, PA

Contact Information: 215 841-6555

Annual Pay Package: $25,000

First Day of Work: 13th June, 2010

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