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432 B, 1st colony


Phoenix, AZ 87689


Mc Kinsely


Citadel University


Phoenix, AZ 87989


Dear Mc Kinsely

I am the Principal of Carniege University. I am hereby referring one of my best students Anand, in the university to your college. He has completed his graduate level studies in computer science with “A” grade. He has also topped the university.  As such I am recommending him to your university, hoping that he’ll maintain his success in your university with same zeal and zest. Since he is Indian by birth he has a lot of formalities to complete. He is a green card holder and he needs to renew his visa in the coming days. Please give him some more time to complete the educational formalities. I know the amount of effort that he puts into every seed of his work. He is capable of handling multiple tasks so I think it won’t take him much time to complete the formalities. I recommend him because he is hard working and proficient in his subject up to my knowledge. So kindly accept his application and oblige.



(Dean, Carniege Univer

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