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Job Placement Agreement Letter

Sheila Petterson

187 Anderson St.,

Ferriday, LA 71565

Dear Sheila Petterson:

This letter is sent to confirm that ABC Media has hired you as its Communications Officer. You are employed under the said position with our company under the following terms and conditions:

1. You agree to render 40 hours of work each week with occasional overtimes whenever needed

2. You shall be responsible in handling the company’s official newsletter and sending press releases to media outfits for every activity of the company

3. The Company has the right to terminate your service, but with proper notice

4. Your basic compensation is $4000 subject to tax and benefits deductions. Services rendered beyond office hours shall also be paid based on the computed hourly rates

5. The Company will provide you government-granted benefits such as health insurance, leaves, and regularization

Signing in the space provided means you are accepting the said terms and conditions.

Respectfully Yours,

Bernadette Smith

Human Resource Manager

ABC Media

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