Welcome Letters

Welcome Letters

Welcome letters are documents which convey an individual’s pleasure at the arrival of a loved one. Corporate houses also make abundant use of welcome letters to signify their delight at the visit of a dignitary, important businessmen, colleagues and so on. Thus, there are primarily two categories of welcome letters, one which is more personal in nature and the other which is more formal and constructed. Thus, while constructing welcome letters one has to take care of the following points:

Welcome letters, in order to be effective in conveying the feelings of the sender, must be warm and sincere. No amount of ostentatious wordplay can substitute for genuine feelings. Even in the more formal letters of welcome, care should be taken to keep the welcome letter simple and heartfelt.

Such letters should be kept short. The more concise welcome letters are, the more effective they become. The sender’s pleasure at the arrival of the recipient must be conveyed well, and with dignity.

While the personal welcome letters can be invested with levity, the more formal ones should maintain a distance and a solemn tone. The occasion for the welcome letter, and the status of the recipient and the sender are factors which must be considered while framing formal welcome letters.

Welcome Letters

Gym Membership Welcome Letter


Barry Mathews

River Street, F block, 1st house



5th May 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to our gym as a member

Dear Mr. Mathews

I, Peter Pettigrew, the founder of Harold Gold Gym, London would like to inform you that we have accepted your membership application for the batch of July to September package.  We are so pleased to open the doors of our gym for you and welcome you to use the exceptional and superior equipments present at our gym. Harold’s Gold Gym is a mark of excellence and can accommodate about 50 members at the same time.

It is our absolute pleasure to know that you are a gymming enthusiast and would like to take help of our trainers for body building and physical fitness. Before joining the gym, you would need to visit the West London’s branch of the gym to complete the formalities and to make an advance payment of half the amount which is $100. You would also need to sign the contract which shall bind you for the next three months.

We would again like to express how glad we are to have you. Hoping to see you soon at the gym.

Thanking you

Peter Pettigrew

Harold Gold Gym

Welcome Letters

Landlord Welcome Letter


Fred Black


5-g, first floor, Markson square,

Kell tower, London


Date: 3rd Nov 2011

Subject: Welcoming you to you new house

Dear Mr. Black,

Hi, i am writing this letter to welcome you to your new abode. I wish you a warm welcome to Kell Tower’s house number 5 of the g block. This particular flat is my most favourite one and welcoming you in it makes my heart feel so good and positive about your stay here. I, as a rule treat my tenants with warmth and friendliness and would like to tell you that you are free to ask me for any favours during your stay here. My main aim is for you to feel comfortable and satisfied with this house.

All the details about the flat have been mentioned in the contract but I would like to still inform you that electricity and water supply are free in this house but you would have to arrange for your internet connection and other facilities yourself. You are not allowed to play loud music in the house as it might cause disturbance to the neighbours.

Hope you have a great stay in your new house. Wish you a warm welcome

Your Landlord

Graeme Smith

Welcome Letters

Membership Welcome Letter


Simon Mueller

T-446, first floor, Henry towers

Kell Street, London


12th May 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to the Boston Library as a member

Dear Mr. Mueller

Boston Library welcomes you as a new member. I, Caley Marshall, the head librarian of this library would like to inform you that we have chosen your library application for the year 2012 and would like to offer you membership for 12 months time for one time yearly charges of $500. Boston library is pleased to have you to our new branch and really hope that you will enjoy your membership here.

Boston library has over 100000 titles of books and works of over 10000 authors. Our library has been host to about 750 book launches in the past 20 years and we are proud to have 4 branches of libraries all of which are open to you for the next 12 months. If after 12 months you wish to renew your membership, you would have to pay a sum of $500 and must have issued more than 25 books in this membership term to be eligible.

Please revert back to us with your payment either in person or through demand draft.

Glad to welcome you

Thanking you

Caley Marshall

Head librarian

Boston Library

Welcome Letters

Middle School Welcome Letter


Bill Harvey

G-78, second floor, Potter’s tower

Los Angeles


10th July 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to the middle school teaching job

Dear Mr. Bill Harvey

This is to inform you that your application for the middle school teaching job has been accepted by our school authorities.  You have been selected as the Mathematics teacher for the middle school section of our school and are waiting for your reply about acceptance of the job.  We are quite glad to welcome you to this teaching position which is quite important for foundation of Mathematics knowledge amongst students.

St. Peter’s International school is an institution which believes in hardwork and dedication and these two qualities are expected from both the students and the teachers as well. We hope that you are up for the challenge and would give us the best of your teaching abilities and skills. You shall be incharge of not only teaching but also conducting tests, preparing questions papers, marking attendance, checking students for discipline and compliance to the duties given to them.

We shall be extremely pleased if you accept this job proposal and would love to welcome you as soon as you can make it.

Thanking you

Jack Mathews


St. Peter’s International school

Welcome Letters

Company Welcome Letter


Nathan Bradley

W-90, third floor, West Sharington tower,

Merton Street, LA


14th May 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to our company

Dear Mr. Bradley

I, Tim White am glad to inform you that we went through your application letter for the job of the Senior Marketing manager and were quite impressed with you qualifications, experience and other credentials. Thus we have decided that you shall be an apt choice for the job position and would like to hire you for it. Welcome to our company ‘Peter and Bradshaw’ and we hope that you will have a wonderful time working for us.

Peter and Bradshaw has been known to deliver excellent consumer electronic products and also sell them in the most honest and attractive manner. We expect you to understand the working of the marketing department and give in your best shot by bringing in the experience you have with you. It would be really convenient for us if you could inform us about your exact joining date so that we can make necessary preparations for you. Feel free to call or contact Mr. Fred Jackson on 4730933892 regarding any doubts, queries or information about your joining.


Tim White

HR Manager

Peter and Bradshaw

Welcome Letters

Teacher Welcome Letter


Sarah Harrison

R-90, second floor, Henry Jans tower

Riversend Street, London


17th Jun 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to our school teaching authorities

Dear Miss Harrison,

I, Jack Henderson on behalf of Montfort school, London would like to welcome you to the teaching group of our school. We have decided to hire you for the teaching job and at the job position of the English teacher for 7-10th grade. Your credentials and past working experience has impressed us immensely and thus we have taken this decision of hiring you.

We are extremely glad and pleased to welcome you to our institution and are looking forward to using you teaching skills and services. Montfort school has been the pinnacle of learning and has been given the award of the most disciplined school of London. We have lived upto this name and respect through all the years and expect our teachers and students to maintain it in the future as well.

Your job will be to teach elementary English to the student from 7 th grade to 10th grade. This will involve teaching, conducting internal tests and writing question papers. We hope that you shall be interested in this offer and revert back with your acceptance letter soon.

Thanking you

Jack Henderson

HR Department

Montfort school

Welcome Letters

Hotel Welcome Letter


Larry King

6-t, second floor, Peter square


18th June 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to our hotel

Respected Mr. Larry Kind,

I, Jack Nathan, the Hotel manager for Portico Groups of hotels would like to welcome you to our hotel branch of London as a guest. It is our privilege to have you in our hotel and would love to offer you the best of our services. Our hotels are spread across the world and have been hosts to some distinguished guests like celebrities, politicians, sports persons and musicians. We always have tried our best to satisfy the guests in any way possible.

We would like to inform you about the ongoing Summer Festival in our Hotel Branch of London. We shall be hosting a string of events and contests during this festival and would love to welcome you for it as well. The winners of these contests and events shall be awarded discounted dinners and lunches in our hotel during their stay. Please feel free to inform us about your visiting dates so that we can arrange the suitable and available rooms for you and your friends.

Glad to welcome you,

Yours faithfully

Jack Nathan

Hotel Manager

Portico groups of hotels

Welcome Letters

Wedding Welcome Letter


Lawrence Hedley

J-90, second floor, Jacob lane

Bill tower, London

Date: 19th June 2012

Subject: Welcoming to the wedding in Scotland

Dear Mr. Hedley,

This is to inform you that I, Jack Brown have received your RSVP letter for the wedding invitation card that I had posted to you about a week back. I am so pleased to know that you have accepted my invitation and would be a part of my wedding on the 21st of August. It is my and my fiancée’s pleasure to welcome you to the wedding and the cocktail party and would love to share the most special day of our lives with someone as special as you.

The wedding will take place at 12 noon in the St. Joseph’s church in London and it would be followed by lunch. In the evening, there will be a cocktail party and dinner which will be held at Yorkshire Hotel banquet in London. Please join us for all these functions as soon after that we shall be leaving for our honeymoon.

Your presence will definitely make our wedding more cheerful and important to us. Looking forward to meeting you on 20th of August, 2012.

Take care

Jack Brown

Welcome Letters

Customer Welcome Letter


Kell Peters

6-f, second floor, Riverside street


Date: 2nd June, 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to the league of “Silver Cards” issued by our shopping mall

Dear Mr. Peters,

I, Greg White on behalf of ‘Fredrickson Malls’  is pleased to welcome you as a customer to our shopping mall and the league of the silver card holders. We are awarding you the silver card going by your shopping history of the various products offered by our mall. It is an honour for us that we have now about 10000 silver card owners and about 3000 golden card owners.

As a silver card owner, you shall be getting a 5%discount on all the products offered by us and will also be entitled to the lucky draws held every 4 months during the sale season. As you know our customers are our priority and we are willing to do anything that it takes to see you satisfied and content with our products and services.

Please let us know whether you accept the silver card and are willing to pay an amount of $20 per month to earn the reward points. It will be an absolute pleasure to see your positive reply.

Thanking you

Greg White


Fredrickson Malls