Welcome Letters

Welcome Letters

Welcome letters are documents which convey an individual’s pleasure at the arrival of a loved one. Corporate houses also make abundant use of welcome letters to signify their delight at the visit of a dignitary, important businessmen, colleagues and so on. Thus, there are primarily two categories of welcome letters, one which is more personal in nature and the other which is more formal and constructed. Thus, while constructing welcome letters one has to take care of the following points:

Welcome letters, in order to be effective in conveying the feelings of the sender, must be warm and sincere. No amount of ostentatious wordplay can substitute for genuine feelings. Even in the more formal letters of welcome, care should be taken to keep the welcome letter simple and heartfelt.

Such letters should be kept short. The more concise welcome letters are, the more effective they become. The sender’s pleasure at the arrival of the recipient must be conveyed well, and with dignity.

While the personal welcome letters can be invested with levity, the more formal ones should maintain a distance and a solemn tone. The occasion for the welcome letter, and the status of the recipient and the sender are factors which must be considered while framing formal welcome letters.

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