Welcome Letters

Company Welcome Letter


Nathan Bradley

W-90, third floor, West Sharington tower,

Merton Street, LA


14th May 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to our company

Dear Mr. Bradley

I, Tim White am glad to inform you that we went through your application letter for the job of the Senior Marketing manager and were quite impressed with you qualifications, experience and other credentials. Thus we have decided that you shall be an apt choice for the job position and would like to hire you for it. Welcome to our company ‘Peter and Bradshaw’ and we hope that you will have a wonderful time working for us.

Peter and Bradshaw has been known to deliver excellent consumer electronic products and also sell them in the most honest and attractive manner. We expect you to understand the working of the marketing department and give in your best shot by bringing in the experience you have with you. It would be really convenient for us if you could inform us about your exact joining date so that we can make necessary preparations for you. Feel free to call or contact Mr. Fred Jackson on 4730933892 regarding any doubts, queries or information about your joining.


Tim White

HR Manager

Peter and Bradshaw

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