Welcome Letters

Middle School Welcome Letter


Bill Harvey

G-78, second floor, Potter’s tower

Los Angeles


10th July 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to the middle school teaching job

Dear Mr. Bill Harvey

This is to inform you that your application for the middle school teaching job has been accepted by our school authorities.  You have been selected as the Mathematics teacher for the middle school section of our school and are waiting for your reply about acceptance of the job.  We are quite glad to welcome you to this teaching position which is quite important for foundation of Mathematics knowledge amongst students.

St. Peter’s International school is an institution which believes in hardwork and dedication and these two qualities are expected from both the students and the teachers as well. We hope that you are up for the challenge and would give us the best of your teaching abilities and skills. You shall be incharge of not only teaching but also conducting tests, preparing questions papers, marking attendance, checking students for discipline and compliance to the duties given to them.

We shall be extremely pleased if you accept this job proposal and would love to welcome you as soon as you can make it.

Thanking you

Jack Mathews


St. Peter’s International school

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