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Membership Welcome Letter


Simon Mueller

T-446, first floor, Henry towers

Kell Street, London


12th May 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to the Boston Library as a member

Dear Mr. Mueller

Boston Library welcomes you as a new member. I, Caley Marshall, the head librarian of this library would like to inform you that we have chosen your library application for the year 2012 and would like to offer you membership for 12 months time for one time yearly charges of $500. Boston library is pleased to have you to our new branch and really hope that you will enjoy your membership here.

Boston library has over 100000 titles of books and works of over 10000 authors. Our library has been host to about 750 book launches in the past 20 years and we are proud to have 4 branches of libraries all of which are open to you for the next 12 months. If after 12 months you wish to renew your membership, you would have to pay a sum of $500 and must have issued more than 25 books in this membership term to be eligible.

Please revert back to us with your payment either in person or through demand draft.

Glad to welcome you

Thanking you

Caley Marshall

Head librarian

Boston Library

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