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Customer Welcome Letter


Kell Peters

6-f, second floor, Riverside street


Date: 2nd June, 2012

Subject: Welcoming you to the league of “Silver Cards” issued by our shopping mall

Dear Mr. Peters,

I, Greg White on behalf of ‘Fredrickson Malls’  is pleased to welcome you as a customer to our shopping mall and the league of the silver card holders. We are awarding you the silver card going by your shopping history of the various products offered by our mall. It is an honour for us that we have now about 10000 silver card owners and about 3000 golden card owners.

As a silver card owner, you shall be getting a 5%discount on all the products offered by us and will also be entitled to the lucky draws held every 4 months during the sale season. As you know our customers are our priority and we are willing to do anything that it takes to see you satisfied and content with our products and services.

Please let us know whether you accept the silver card and are willing to pay an amount of $20 per month to earn the reward points. It will be an absolute pleasure to see your positive reply.

Thanking you

Greg White


Fredrickson Malls

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