Welcome Letters

Welcome Aboard Letter


Henry Jacobs

T-45, second floor, Peter tower

Los Angeles

16th June 2012

Subject: Welcome aboard

Dear Mr. Jacobs

We are so pleased to inform you that we have accepted your job offer and have given you the place of Junior Marketing Manager. We are extremely glad that you shall be joining our team of employees and hope that you give it your best shot to live upto the expectations of this prestigious company. This company comprises of extremely hardworking employees and have always done a good job to contribute to the success of the organisation.

Please let us know that from when you shall be free to join our team as everybody is looking forward for a fresh mind that can bring in experience and knowledge to the floor. We are about to begin with a new project work and hope that you can join as soon as you can. Please contact Mr. Tim Black, the senior marketing manager to inform him about your plans of joining and your salary considerations.

If there is anything that we can do for you in the meanwhile or if you have any kinds of queries or doubts, then feel free to contact Mr. Black.

Welcome aboard

Thanking you

Peter Young

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