Warning Letters

Warning Letter for Attitude


Jacob Marshall

Sales department

Henry Corp


23rd July 2012

To Mr. Marshall

Subject: Warning letter for attitude

This letter is to inform you that you are being issued with a warning for your attitude at the workplace. It has come to our notice, not once but multiple number of times that you have been careless towards your duties and lazy when it comes to working for deadline situations. Your department manager has earlier expressed his thoughts about your attitude but it seems that you have taken the verbal warnings too casually.

Please consider this as a serious warning because if you are found to show casual and unacceptable attitude towards your work, then you shall be terminated as per the employment contract terms.  All the employees of our company are selected on the basis of their superior qualifications and this kind of behaviour at the workplace is totally unacceptable and shall be dealt with strict actions. We accept you to show some seriousness and would really appreciate if you mend your ways and bring some energy to the job.

Hope to see some sudden changes in your work because we do not wish to lose an employee as talented as you.


Greg White

Company head

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