Warning Letters

Tenant Warning Letter


Peter Pettigrew

F-90, first floor, Potter’s building


Date: 21st July, 2012

Subject: Tenant warning letter

Dear Peter,

I, Bill Harvey (LANDLORD) am writing this letter to you to give you a warning about disobeying one of the most important terms of the tenancy contract signed between us. Despite of two previous warnings, we haven’t received a rent amounting to $2000 from you which is the total amount of 3 month’s rent. As you know, your tenancy expires on the 30th of August this year and if you do not pay the amount mentioned above, I shall be forced to terminate the tenancy contract.

In case you even pay us 40% of the amount by the end of this month, I shall consider continuing with the tenancy on the condition that I receive the entire amount within one month’s time in addition to the rent of this month as well. Otherwise I shall have no options but to terminate the contract and take legal action against you as per the contract terms and conditions.

This is the third and final warning thus please pay heed to it so as to avoid any implications which might be disturbing for both of us.

Thanking you

Bill Harvey

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